Maximum Security. Ultimate Simplicity.

Provide patients and referring physicians with simple and secure access to images without CDs, logins or passwords.

CryptoChart is a secure, universal and inexpensive solution to share medical images.  Rather than burning a CD, you provide your patient with a simple QR code that enables them to access, view and share images right from their mobile device or desktop.  


No need to carry or send CDs, worry about compatibility, or protect from damage.

Saves time

QR codes are printed in seconds. Burning CDs can take up to 20 minutes.

Easy to use

No special training required to install, use, view or share.

Controls costs

The per study fee is less than a dollar.  CDs cost $3-5 each + shipping.

Improves service

Seamless experience for patients and referring physicians.

Simplifies security

NSA level security without complex passwords or logins.



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